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I want my pictures have a soul and be able to capture the utterly special story of two people in love. I am an Italian wedding photographer working throughout Italy and abroad. I’m based in Tuscany and here it took shape the fine taste for beauty which always leads me as a photographer. I completely commit myself to telling a story you will desire to recall again and again.


Turning your emotions
into timeless memories

A day inhabited by authentic emotions, connecting the people we used to be with the one we promise to be. Wedding photography is about to catch the feelings in between and nestle them in lively compositions, so to let you find them fixed as flawless memories recalling the most important day in your life.


Where there is love there is light

Taking photos is the art of writing with light. In my wedding’s portraits I seek for the light in details, in smiles, in the brightness beyond tearful glances. I love natural light reflections and the way shadows play with them setting up a dreamlike atmosphere. My work’s main spot is looking after light.


We do not remember days
We remember moments

Wedding’s photos have to express love and emotion, tell the unique story of your life. They have to capture an unrepeatable moment and lock it in a picture. This challenge always fascinated me as a photographer and unceasingly pushed me to achieve and stop fleeting time in a shot. To make it, somehow, eternal.


A meaningful and memorable experience 

Each shot is unique in itself and at the same time is a part of a bigger story to tell. Every couple is different and so is the event they design in order to represent the meaning of their love and share it with their beloved. Capturing the love story between two people requires a natural tendency for art, sensibility and master technical skills to be applied in a highly dynamic environment. It requires the sensibility of an Italian wedding photographer. Just a bespoke set of images is able to tell this unique story and let emerge the authentic emotions of the most important day in a lifetime.

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